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Cheers 2010

31 Dec

What’s your New Year resolutions like? 2009 had been an amazing yet dramatic year for me. There were ups and downs and what more could I wish for other than a more blessed year 2010.

Mine are the cliche ones. Cliche, yet I am being true to myself. Embrace what life has to offer, even when you get a slap in the face (well, it reminds you of things which have gotten out of  hands).

So till tomorrow’s 2010, wish each and everyone of you a Blessed New Year!

Love, Elvie


Temporary Suicide

27 Dec

What’s drinking? A mere pause from thinking! — George Gordon, Lord Byron ‘The Deformed Transformed”

Drunkenness is a temporary suicide, so they say. Been there, done that not. I haven’t been committing the temporary suicide and plan not to. Of course not a single soul does plan  to commit the drinking crime; it’s just a way of getting yourself drift away from your sober self.

Pretending to be sober is a skill, a skill I learnt when I was almost caught in the drinking madness (almost!). Some lose in the battle they get themselves into. They can be pretty nasty expressing their unsober-mindedness. Or they can say things that got yourself oh-so-over-the-moon — “a mere pause from thinking”, that is!

To say the least, it’s every individual’s right to get wasted or to be soberly. Just please don’t go ruining other people’s fun and merry-making. All that matters is that “don’t drink and cause commotion”.  In the end, he (who must not be named) ended up causing a ghastly ruckus, after all.

Christmas Price Tags

24 Dec

Heave a sigh of relief. Phew! A writer never leaves his/her blog. I did. From WP to Blogger now back to WP. Let’s pull no punches then. This is it — the humble unofficial launching of my humble new blog, AmorAmorElvie on Christmas Day 2009. Surely, I have got to reward myself this Christmas with stuff I have been eyeing for — attached with price tags!

[1] My Affair With Leggings

[2] My Affair With LBD

[3] My Affair With More Stuff. Soon!

Christmas price tags aside, dear God, I’ve got you a special something as well. Love from me, Happy Birthday. It comes not with a price tag, ’cause you need not one!

Pretty Little Snowflake

16 Dec

I am so feeling Jim Reeves-y! His epic Christmas songs are superb. Here’s one I got from youtube.

Hey-ey-ey snowflake,

My pretty little snowflake,

Ooh-ooh the change in the weather,

Has made it better on me.

A Very Supernatural Christmas

8 Dec

Dean Winchester has long been my crush. Off the record, he’s my type. Bluntly stated. Haha! Crude humour and sexual innuendos aside (well, that dramatizes who DEAN is), SUPERNATURAL is/was at its best in Season 3 Episode 8 “A VERY SUPERNATURAL CHRISTMAS”.

I know, I know…I have to make up time for the catching up of Season 3 onwards. Christmas is Christmas. For Sam and Dean, it was a very supernatural Christmas 2007. Fans and no fans, this Christmas special is a good place to start being hooked on either Dean or Sam!

So why ‘a very supernatural Christmas’?

Number 1:  Santa has got an Evil brother, an Anti-Santa?

Number 2: Anti Santa as Santa? How weird and scaaaaryy!

Number 3: Dean’s last Christmas? Noooo!

SAM and DEAN — Christmas the old-fashioned way. Not!