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Kick-Start A Dream Job.

7 Jul

NESCAFE KICK-START -- Grab a job of your dream with a few simple steps away!

Dreaming of a job you’ve been wanting so much? Nescafe Kick-Start reality programme offers 15 DREAM JOBS for you Malaysian youths. Hundreds of youths were interviewed by Youthsays and they selected the top 15 Dream Jobs.

The 15 Dream Jobs!

So, do you have what it takes to land yourself a dream job? A wedding planner for your BFF, an enthusiastic photo journalist, or that elegant TV host? Nescafe Kick-Start needs brilliant, enthusiastic, high-spirited, vibrant youths to grab the dream jobs of a lifetime. You’re just a few simple steps away to win it!

  1. Simply pick 3 of the most interesting dream jobs from the list and send to Nescafe Kick-Start. Continue reading


6 Jul

World Cup 2010 supporters or not, you're just a step away in doing a good deed!

“1GOAL is bringing together footballers, fans, charities, corporations, and individuals aim to achieve education for everyone”.

Yes, you’ve read it. And this is for real.

Helping to promote the 1GOAL campaign is my little way as an individual and an educator to bring change for 72million children worldwide in education.

I may not be a big football fan, but I’m big in promoting the 1GOAL cause. I kick-start my cause right away soon after stumbling on this creative campaign in Youthsays Malaysia.

Let’s pull no punches anymore, okay? So what say you?? Let’s start the ball rolling!

Miss Earth Sabah 2010 (Part II)

20 Jun

GREEN is the new pink! MES 2010-Sabahan Bloggers Night made me realized so.

Taglined ‘Beauties Nurturing Nature’, Miss Earth Sabah 2010 definitely draws public attention, including us, bloggers. If not for Mr Dinoza Mahruf, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see what the beauties had in store, for being the 12 ambassadresses of green earth. Win or no win, they’re there for a CHANGE.

Well, the three of us friends (forever) Jess and Serra and I lobbied for the exclusive 4 complimentary dinner with the MES 2010 beauties at The Roof Restaurant, Imperial Hotel, Kota Kinabalu on June 15th 2010. Had been hovering around and stalking the Miss Earth Sabah 2010 Official Page since Day 1 of the event, to be truthful (yet unsurprisingly). Who wouldn’t anyway, aite? Hehe.

Mr Dinoza and the three of us bloggers, Serra, Jess and I.

I managed to have a chat with one finalist, May Salitah Naru-Kiob. Tell you, she’s one unique and bubbly personality. I did my homework, really. Hehe. The night before, I had been ‘stalking’ her FB page, of all the other finalists. Minus the hoo haas (which complemented mine!) she has got an array of ideas to share. Love how she naturally shared her ideas with ease, and with passion! The Q I asked was the cliche one: ‘If you were crowned Miss Earth Sabah 2010, what cause/change would you like to bring forward in the state?’

Though might be cliche for some, May pulled no punches to give a shot in NOT trying too hard! I would have thought being a student in an international affair course, May would be giving all those bombastic answers! She didn’t. And deep down inside (konon la, haha!) I thought “Oh wow, she’ll be the Miss Earth Sabah 2010!” Her little ways of nurturing small kids to love the environment are practical and achievable. The best way to start a little something is from home (btw, turns out, she wins the title as I’m typing this!). Too bad I didn’t go and paparazzi-ed her!

The other finalists are unique and learned in their own way too. Couldn’t agree more!

With gorgeous Appey Rowena

With Melody, another lovely finalist

Another learned and lovely finalist, Lydia

From left: Me, Lydia, Fiona, Jess and May

Us with Miss Earth Malaysia 2009, Mandy Nandu

Quoted May Salitah as saying that Mandy is so high on top, yet so down to earth. Really, she is utterly nice.

The Sabahan Bloggers Night with the MES 2010 finalists was a chance I would trash away had it not been for Jess and Serra who ‘coaxed’ me to try my luck. Been lucky to get to know the finalists and to share some awakening ideas and perspectives on the environmental issues world over.  Kudos for the organizers and all those who made it possible for a change in breathing new life to mother earth through MES 2010. She deserves it!

And for you readers out there, be a CHANGE for mother earth!

Miss Earth Sabah 2010

15 Jun

Had I contemplated and decided not to try my luck with the complimentary offer for a dinner with the 12 finalists of Miss Earth Sabah 2010, I would have missed the chance to meet and get to dig deep into what the beauties had to say. I’m no ardent environmentalist, yet I’m one of those who think Mother Nature deserves to be treated nice.

The ever gorgeous and down-to-earth Miss Earth Malaysia 2009 Mandy Nandu was also present. “High on top, yet so down-to-earth”.  Talked with a few of the finalists, and they were very much learned on the environment issues prevailing Sabah. I’ve so much to blog about Miss Earth Sabah 2010. By the way, the green eco bag is awesome and fashionable!

Will blog about the night with the finalists in my upcoming post; their excitements, their hopes, their ambitious plans to help Mother Nature, their inspiring spirit and above all their love for Mother Nature.