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Just Because.

30 Oct

Just because,

The sparks  are fading into thin air,

Just because,

The nights are without those glorious stars,

Just because,

The wandering butterfly seems lost,

Just because,

The leaves wither and the flowers cease to bloom,

It doesn’t mean there’s no chance to savour the things we once had again.


Yes, I Dog!

9 Aug

Illustration purpose only.

Since I didn’t manage to capture that precious moment of that dog and the majestic Mt Kinabalu.

I see dogs everyday, everywhere. Not that dogs are a rarity. Often, it is the  commonest things in life we take little pleasure in. And the odds of me blogging about canine is a once-in-a-blue-moon stuff. Haha.

You will burst out laughing. Someone did! We were away at Kundasang on Sunday when I inadvertently observed a random event. A well-bred handsome canine sat by the edge of the road overlooking the majestic view of Mount Kinabalu. It must have been in awe with that majestic Mt Kinabalu too!  Couldn’t afford to not observe that precious occurrence of some sort! It was like “My gosh, I’m in awe!

And urgh, minus that part where Adrian giggled uncontrollably and contagiously. Come to think of it, I thought it was a silly thing too! Hahaha. All because of Adrian’s contagious funny giggles. Heh!

Back to the dog (it must have been a male, cos he appeared to be so manly!).  That moment I thought it was the most magnificent view I’ve came across with since a week plus in Telupid. Adrian shared with me that it wasn’t that he was laughing at that thing I saw about that dog (I bet, he’s trying to avoid any clashing of ideas with me). Nay, it’s okay. I was just feeling inspirational.

Inspired By The Uninspired

27 May

Was sitting for precious hours savouring Casey James (American Idol 9 contestant) songs. He’s going to hit it big like Chris Daughtry does, no doubt! Talking about AI and Casey James’ sexy sleek voice and the (mouth-watering) pretty face, my point is — I am actually inspired by the uninspired to write again in my almost-forgotten blog!

Let’s face it. Along the way to hit it big like Lee DeWyze or Crystal Bowersox, our journey in making it big in our life is precarious and risky. We hit the rocky bottom at one point. Of all us do in one way or another. Well, the difference is perhaps some plunged further down and some pretty shallow.

Cliche isn’t it? “Been there, done that”. See, the reason I seemed to cease blogging is the fact that I was eventually uninspired by my what-ifs. What if it’s a disclosure of things better left untold? See, this is my point. Uh-oh. 2009 had been a rocky year, and I’m making it big in 2010, 2011, 2012, and years to come. Perhaps I’m going to hit the rocky bottom again for sure (Ouch!) But what is a life without diving into the deep blue ocean? (Gah, lame metaphor!)

My source of inspiration is  “Mrs Robinson” a song from the classic 1967’s movie The Graduate. Let me say again, the (outrageously) sexy Casey James deserves the number 3 spot (or even better) in AI 2010. Even I’m inspired by the uninspired boredom inundating me.

Just a note, this post is not intended for those struck with boredom. I’m merely jesting! Enjoy the song!