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Rechie Rules

22 Aug



Just Because.

30 Oct

Just because,

The sparks  are fading into thin air,

Just because,

The nights are without those glorious stars,

Just because,

The wandering butterfly seems lost,

Just because,

The leaves wither and the flowers cease to bloom,

It doesn’t mean there’s no chance to savour the things we once had again.

August Wish

2 Aug

The Babui who will be celebrating his 29th birthday on August 11th;

“I will love you,

12 months in a year,

4 weeks in a month,

7 days in a week,

24 hours in a day”

(Adrian 2010)


The Papui xoxo

The 2004-2010

23 Jun

Feel compelled to post this. Some may say we’ve been sailing through our degree for 6 long ohmigosh years. We sail through 6 amazing years. Yes, we made it! (Haha, lame pun lame lah!)

Oh the cat fights, the dramas, the kuda-ness, the tragic-ness, the childishness — we grew up through ’em all.

I’d say, I grew up with my beloved 26 Cohort 3 friends and I regret neither a day nor a week nor a year of those 6 years it took to finally complete our degree.

I won’t say it’s a goodbye for us Cohort 3. Rather it’s a thank you for the dearest wonderful friends I ever have and will always be dear to me. *Sob sob*


The 26 of Cohort 3 (2009)

Kimi O Aishiteru

The happy (bitchy) faces. Haha!

Paris, Un Jour!

22 Jun

Hey, remember Chuck season 3 episode 13?? Oh gosh, fans had been dying to finally witness Chuck and Sarah’s declaration kiss!

And their unofficial honeymoon  à Paris overlooking Le Tour Eiffel! Aww, that’s exactly my dream honeymoon too! *hint*

In case you too wanna relive that precious moment, which is a favourite episode of many, I bet, here’s the easiest link to it.

It feels just like yesterday when Chuck asked Sarah THE QUESTION that almost blew Chuck off his mind.

“Sarah, do you love me?

(It takes two to tango, alright?)

“Yes, I felt for you since a long time ago.”

P/s Off the record, it’s just me and my sometimes-romantic nature. Haha.

Kiss of Rain

27 Jan

Let the rain kiss you

Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops

Let the rain sing you a lullaby

–Langston Hughes–

Oh who doesn’t like rain.  Yes, No?

Rain or Sunshine? Definitely rain, baby!


Crap! It’s 5 p.m. I missed Professional Developement lecture today. I missed the (crappy) Sukan Divisi or whatever names being conjured up. Or did I NOT miss it since it has been raining??

The rainy day has been good to me!

The Carpenter’s “Rainy Days and Mondays” has been stalking my head the instant the raindrops started.

The soothing aroma of Nescafe captured my nostril and cheers to it!

The pleasant soft kiss of breezy air touching my skin like never before.

The quiet cozy atmosphere with dimly lit surrounding which spells S.L.E.E.P.

AND VOILA! Cheers to assignment which is due TOMORROW!