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Dine Till You Whine

25 Aug

There ain’t such thing as wrong food.

(Sean Steward, Perfect Circle 2004)

But there are such thing as contaminated food! Was away in Kundasang a fortnight ago when the impossible happened. Exaggerating. Not. The boyfriend was having seafood fried mee and I pigged on American Breakfast at one of the famous hotels there.

Was (happily) pigging on his yummy-looking meal when I chewed on something hard as a stone! And no, it wasn’t a shrimp’s over-cooked outer layer or whatever names being conjured up. I chewed and chewed hoping it was, but it’s not! We agreed that it was an overcooked plastic.

Point is, are you gonna be that fussy customer shoving all sorts of nasty complaints? Or are you gonna be that forgiving customer and brushing aside the fact that you had just consumed a contaminated meal and almost choked on an overcooked plastic??

Okay, if you were to ask me, I’d for sure gonna kick the hell out of whoever-cooked-that-nasty-meal! No lah, I ended up complaining to the boyfriend instead. And he confronted me with the fact that there was nothing much we could do, after all. Not really…

There are a few reasonable and clear-headed ways in confronting the restauranteurs or the people responsible, according to him.

Numero uno, complain in a good way and request for a new set of meal, if possible. Sure you don’t want to pissed that cook off or else, you can imagine the worst like spits and leftovers.

Or, you can (half-heartedly) devour your meal if it isn’t really that contaminated, minus that alien thing in it. Then complain, and chances are, you eat that meal FOC.

And hell yeah, we complaint and get that meal FOC. Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s already contaminated.


Miss Earth Sabah 2010 (Part II)

20 Jun

GREEN is the new pink! MES 2010-Sabahan Bloggers Night made me realized so.

Taglined ‘Beauties Nurturing Nature’, Miss Earth Sabah 2010 definitely draws public attention, including us, bloggers. If not for Mr Dinoza Mahruf, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see what the beauties had in store, for being the 12 ambassadresses of green earth. Win or no win, they’re there for a CHANGE.

Well, the three of us friends (forever) Jess and Serra and I lobbied for the exclusive 4 complimentary dinner with the MES 2010 beauties at The Roof Restaurant, Imperial Hotel, Kota Kinabalu on June 15th 2010. Had been hovering around and stalking the Miss Earth Sabah 2010 Official Page since Day 1 of the event, to be truthful (yet unsurprisingly). Who wouldn’t anyway, aite? Hehe.

Mr Dinoza and the three of us bloggers, Serra, Jess and I.

I managed to have a chat with one finalist, May Salitah Naru-Kiob. Tell you, she’s one unique and bubbly personality. I did my homework, really. Hehe. The night before, I had been ‘stalking’ her FB page, of all the other finalists. Minus the hoo haas (which complemented mine!) she has got an array of ideas to share. Love how she naturally shared her ideas with ease, and with passion! The Q I asked was the cliche one: ‘If you were crowned Miss Earth Sabah 2010, what cause/change would you like to bring forward in the state?’

Though might be cliche for some, May pulled no punches to give a shot in NOT trying too hard! I would have thought being a student in an international affair course, May would be giving all those bombastic answers! She didn’t. And deep down inside (konon la, haha!) I thought “Oh wow, she’ll be the Miss Earth Sabah 2010!” Her little ways of nurturing small kids to love the environment are practical and achievable. The best way to start a little something is from home (btw, turns out, she wins the title as I’m typing this!). Too bad I didn’t go and paparazzi-ed her!

The other finalists are unique and learned in their own way too. Couldn’t agree more!

With gorgeous Appey Rowena

With Melody, another lovely finalist

Another learned and lovely finalist, Lydia

From left: Me, Lydia, Fiona, Jess and May

Us with Miss Earth Malaysia 2009, Mandy Nandu

Quoted May Salitah as saying that Mandy is so high on top, yet so down to earth. Really, she is utterly nice.

The Sabahan Bloggers Night with the MES 2010 finalists was a chance I would trash away had it not been for Jess and Serra who ‘coaxed’ me to try my luck. Been lucky to get to know the finalists and to share some awakening ideas and perspectives on the environmental issues world over.  Kudos for the organizers and all those who made it possible for a change in breathing new life to mother earth through MES 2010. She deserves it!

And for you readers out there, be a CHANGE for mother earth!

Miss Earth Sabah 2010

15 Jun

Had I contemplated and decided not to try my luck with the complimentary offer for a dinner with the 12 finalists of Miss Earth Sabah 2010, I would have missed the chance to meet and get to dig deep into what the beauties had to say. I’m no ardent environmentalist, yet I’m one of those who think Mother Nature deserves to be treated nice.

The ever gorgeous and down-to-earth Miss Earth Malaysia 2009 Mandy Nandu was also present. “High on top, yet so down-to-earth”.  Talked with a few of the finalists, and they were very much learned on the environment issues prevailing Sabah. I’ve so much to blog about Miss Earth Sabah 2010. By the way, the green eco bag is awesome and fashionable!

Will blog about the night with the finalists in my upcoming post; their excitements, their hopes, their ambitious plans to help Mother Nature, their inspiring spirit and above all their love for Mother Nature.

Prejudice Isn’t An Option

10 Jan

If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and color, we would find some other cause for prejudice by noon — George Aiken

In light of the recent incident befalling Malaysia (here for more stories), it’s a denial if I said I wouldn’t mind at all. I do mind, yet I am not being prejudice and vindictively unforgiving. After all, whatever happens, I love my Muslim friends as well. That is a truth. An honest one.

Day 2. I was having a decent chat with a friend. He is a nice guy and a bubbly company, and on top of that, is agreeably good-looking! Halfway through, the hot topic was brought up out of the blue. A blurting out of an (innocent) sentence “I’m just afraid that you’re gonna set up a trap for me” caught me off guard. Am I that type of person to trap my Muslim friend to such extent when all I did say was “when you’re back in KK, let’s movie-and-food-hunting together!”?

He is afraid, I am too. But, I won’t let those bunch of people who did the shameful acts to get in the way of my befriending all people. I’ve come to realization when he blurted that sentence out, that there is no way I would stereotype a person just because of his faith. My answer is: No, I am not revengeful for what has happened. To say that I’m not the least angry and mad towards those act is a lie. Yes, I do feel angry for the bunch of people. The malicious ones only. I was glad he was glad I never intended to set him up. No way, he’s been good with me.

My point is, whoever our God is, and whatever words we use to describe our God, He never wants us to be in this confusing turmoil. Prejudice never is the answer. Prejudice never is the option. Even amongst our own creeds and beliefs, PREJUDICE creeps in unaware.

I only have one wish — I wish to live in peace with my fellow brothers and sisters of all races, creeds and colours. Nothing but a sincere truth.