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Just Because.

30 Oct

Just because,

The sparks  are fading into thin air,

Just because,

The nights are without those glorious stars,

Just because,

The wandering butterfly seems lost,

Just because,

The leaves wither and the flowers cease to bloom,

It doesn’t mean there’s no chance to savour the things we once had again.


Bon Temps

8 Sep

I wandered lonely as a cloud

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

That floats on high o’er vales and hills

When all at once I saw a crowd

A host, of golden daffodils

Beside the lake, beneath the trees.

(William Wordsworth)

Month 1 in Telupid.

1. Camping

2. Camping

This town is blessed with the abundance of nature – Sungai Labuk, Maliau and Wasai, to name a few. I haven’t been to one (camping) since a decade or so ago. Haha. Kasiangg! (quoting the boyfriend, hehe).

Camping Spot 1 — Sungai Maliau

Sungai Maliau is just a 10-min drive away from Telupid town. It’s reachable by 4WD right at the campsite. Or one can park somewhere further and walk for about 5min along the path (which will be a tad too muddy if it rains) to reach the place.

Mind you, even those 4WDs will get stuck in the muddy path leading to the camping spot. Horrifying to even see the sight of the 4WD in front of you scrambling to get back on its ‘feet’ after an attempt to avoid the mud! Nay, I’m not trying to scare you off. Belum cuba, belum tahu bah.

Camping Spot 2 — Sungai Wasai, Entilibon

If one needs that rejuvenating time-off (and to do away with the surrounding heat), head on to Sungai Wasai. On top of that, heard there’s a waterfall nearby! Me? I barely dipped myself into the water. The rocks are too slippery. Or maybe it was just me and my aqua-phobic self! Gah.

A car as small as Kancil and it’s close cousin, Viva can reach the spot. Not as muddy as the path to Sungai Maliau. Even that, there are still huge and humongous rocks along the pathway leading to the campsite. New cars are highly not recommended! Unless you’re in (dire) need of some adventure. Hehe.

A decade of shying away from all sorts of outdoors (in exception to climbing up Mt Kinabalu), and poof, here I am in Telupid embracing what life has to offer! Of course not without those giving-up moments.

I could go on rambling. But then again, it’s crystal-clear in those pictures how indebted I am for the littlest things God has to offer.

John Keats says it best — “the poetry of the earth is never dead”. Indeed!

August Wish

2 Aug

The Babui who will be celebrating his 29th birthday on August 11th;

“I will love you,

12 months in a year,

4 weeks in a month,

7 days in a week,

24 hours in a day”

(Adrian 2010)


The Papui xoxo

The 2004-2010

23 Jun

Feel compelled to post this. Some may say we’ve been sailing through our degree for 6 long ohmigosh years. We sail through 6 amazing years. Yes, we made it! (Haha, lame pun lame lah!)

Oh the cat fights, the dramas, the kuda-ness, the tragic-ness, the childishness — we grew up through ’em all.

I’d say, I grew up with my beloved 26 Cohort 3 friends and I regret neither a day nor a week nor a year of those 6 years it took to finally complete our degree.

I won’t say it’s a goodbye for us Cohort 3. Rather it’s a thank you for the dearest wonderful friends I ever have and will always be dear to me. *Sob sob*


The 26 of Cohort 3 (2009)

Kimi O Aishiteru

The happy (bitchy) faces. Haha!

Blog Award

18 Jun

(Ucap terima kasih & letakkan link orang yang memberi award ini.)

Merci beaucoup my lovely friend, Dierdre Theseira for tagging me for this blogger award. Siou no dedz, it’s been a month and I just so happen to stumble upon this. Hehe!

(Nyatakan 7 perkara tentang diri anda.)

Here’s the significant (awesome) 7 things about me:

1. I tend to melatah when I’m startled by something, when something falls or etc. Unsure of the English word for it. Well, you don’t want to know the string of words I let loose though!

2. I’m a phobic in getting my whole head submerged in deep water, especially the thought that I’ll go deaf if water seeps through my ears!

3. I’ve been my heaviest with 63 kilos. Now, while writing this, I weigh 63 kilos as well. Haha.

4. I’m visually impaired without any glasses or contact lenses since Primary 2. Now I wear -8.50/9.50 glasses. Tinggi kan degree? Haha.

5. I’m quite a hopeless romantic soul. Can’t explain. My blog features can, though!

6. I hate clipping my finger and toe nails! And I polish my toe nails layer by layer when the colours wear off, without even bothering to apply nail polish remover.

7. I simply love earrings. I guess wearing none tone down my facial features. Haha. Vain!

(Pass kepada 15 orang award ni)

My friends are awesome! And I’m tagging 15* of my blogger friends for this award 🙂

1. Jess

2. Pah

3. PanPan

4. Niza

5. Zick

6. Taufik

7. Huzen

8. Van

9. Aisyah

10. Amanda

11. Ibrahim

12. Ai Hanayaka

*My blog list is still counting. Hope I can be excused for listing only 12 blogger friends 🙂