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Tweetfeel Moi!

28 Jun

What do tweeple think about worldcup2010? Check out Tweetfeel twitter sentiment here.

Wow-weee! I stumbled on this cool twitter application! TwitterFeel allows you, yes you, to view how people feel about certain topics or updates in twitter. It can be either POSITIVE 🙂 or NEGATIVE 😦 depending on the key words or phrases tweeted by tweeples. All you have to do is/are:

  1. Type in certain issues/topics/brands/products/people and press ‘enter’ or click ‘search’. (I can’t help but searched for ‘WORLDCUP2010’ after England’s 1-4 defeat to Germany).
  2. Seconds after, you’ll see the most recent real-time updates of what you’ve typed in from tweeples worldwide. (Beware, you might come across languages alien to you!)
  3. What you impossibly can’t ignore are the two SMILEY icons just beneath the search box. (With puppy-eyed looks, I swear I did see them did that!)
  4. The GREEN smiley computer-counts positive updates; while the RED smiley computer-counts negative ones! (The tweetfeel battle kicks off.)
  5. Well, these smileys are then accumulated to get a percentage reflecting the overall feelings of people in regard of the topic you tweetfeel-searched. (Voila, tweetfeel completed.)

Tweetfeel may be quite repetitive for some. Heck, I found it awesome though! Oh yeah, if you felt like tweeting your own or other’s twitter username(s) like @ElvieNancie and wanting to know if you’re tweeting some positive or negative updates, scratch that thought out. You know what I mean, hehe. We can’t help being soi-disant and vain sometimes. Aharks!


ILY Chrome!

4 Mar

The only tough thing is thinking that things are tough.

The idea of being stressed-out is making yourself stressed-out. I AM FARKING STRESSED-OUT. Period. That’s a strong statement. And chasing people away.

No, I AM NOT STRESSED-OUT at the moment. That negates an otherwise negative statement. Confusing huh? Exactly! Cmon, I am not.

Firefox and IE did stress me out. Finally, at the wee hours last night I resorted to Google Chrome. Should say, I like it instantly! J’Adore Google Chrome!

My Tumblr looks strikingly cool with the superb Google Chrome browser! Stress-free Google Chrome, that is.