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ILY Mamee Sllrrrp.

21 Aug

Hey readers, I posted my affair with Mamee Sllrrrp Kari Xtra Pedas a month or so ago. No, I’m far from exaggerating. The Kari Xtra Pedas flavour is simply awesome!

After attempting to be a hard-core curry lover, I thought I wasn’t born to be one at all *Sigh*. And so I wanna be TLC to my taste bud. Buying the milder version of that curry flavour helps a lot!

Simply put, I wanna be the chef in style and cook Mamee Sllrrrp I know best — Kon Lau Mee style! Tried that with other flavours and brands. It worked!


I Know What You Did Last Weekend

11 Aug

My weekend was a BLAST!

Went for a camping somewhere around this quiet small ‘cowboy’ town at a place weirdly named Lubang Batu.

You know what made it twice the fun? Cos I brought along packets of Mamee Sllrrrp and shared ’em with the groups!

Nope, no photos yet. And we were too engrossed to savouring those instant noodles to snap pictures. Haha.

Until my next date with you,


ILY Mamee Sllrrrp!

2 Aug

Dear Mamee Sllrrrp,

At the time of writing this, my stomach is dancing around inside. No, this is not butterflies in my stomach. This is something else!

As blood pulsating in my brain, and adrenaline rushes in, I had only ONE thing in my head — you, dearest Mamee Sllrrp!

My recipe of love for you, Mamee Sllrrrp consists of these:

  • A portion of hotness (Mamee Sllrrrp)
  • A cup of love (sliced tomatoes)
  • A handful of passion (celeries)
  • A pinch of excitement (extra garnishing)

Until our next date, Bon Apetit with Mamee Sllrrrp!



Pouts My Way to Extra Hotness!

26 Jul

In case you’re wondering, no, this is not what you think it is. Or if we’re in the same wavelength, then congrats!

My extra hotness is all about  my affair with Mamee Sllrrrp Perencah Kari Xtra Pedas, so to speak. Fell in love (at the first sight) with the instant noodle — I bet, if you’re enticed with the picture, the odds are, you will soon get your hands on a few packets of that money-saving instant noodles!

Truth is, I’ve got an array of Mamee Sllrrrp to choose from, yet this one particular flavour caught me off guard. Wanting to buy only a pack of 5, I ended up buying 2 packs instead. Well, you and me can blame it to the seductive packaging — hence, HOTNESS!

Buying done, now the cooking part. My recipe advice for Mamee Sllrrrp Perencah Kari Xtra Pedas is keeping extra garnishing simple and light. Having said that, this instant noodle works with extra slices of tomatoes and daun sup. That’s all. No need sausages, eggs, prawns, etc. The instant noodle is superb for hard-core curry lovers. For me, I like it with extra tomatoes to tone down on the extra pedas flavour.

My verdict for Mamee Sllrrrp Perencah Kari Xtra Pedas — 7/10, with mild burnt throat! But, aahhh you can’t imagine its extra spicy curry creeping and seeping through your taste buds, and making its way down your throat. Haha!